Protecting Your Hair While Wearing Extensions

Protecting Your Hair While Wearing Extensions

We know many of you love to wear extensions. They allow you to express yourself with a new hairstyle, color and even a different a style. However, we also know wearing them might damage your hair? In today’s post, I will be sharing with you how to protect your hair while wearing extensions. Specifically, issues include dry hair, dry scalp, reducing hairline, and fading edges.

Here’s a simple step by step routine to preserve your hair:

Before the Extensions

1 – Wash Your Hair

You want to cleanse your scalp with a cleanser, or sulfate free shampoo. These will remove the dirt, and debris from your scalp, while sustaining the natural oils. In addition, it allows for a clean slate for when you install your extensions. Then, follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair tangle free and moisturized.

hair while wearing extensions

2 – Dry Your Hair

Ensure that your hair is 100% dry before you install your extensions because it is fragile while it is wet. In addition, if the extensions are installed when your hair is wet, your hair doesn’t have enough air to fully dry.

3 – Moisturize Your Hair

Moisturize your hair before you install your weave using a leave-in conditioner. Keeping your hair moisturized will reduce breakage, split ends and single strand knots. Thus, allowing your hair to thrive while it’s underneath the wig cap.

4 – Using High-Quality Hair

Ensure that you use high quality textured extensions. These aren’t necessarily expensive. Affordable extensions are of a good quality as well. If the extensions are of a high quality, then it was created using quality ingredients that will not wreak havoc on your hair.

5 – Use A Weave Cap

Use a weave cap when installing your hair extensions. So, the extensions are sewn into the scalp as opposed to your hair which prevents the harboring of growth.

During the Extensions

6 – Use High Quality Edge Control

When you wear extensions you have to ensure that your edges are “laid/slicked”, as everyone who says that. Using gels that consist of mostly alcohol will remove the moisture from your edges. Ensure that you use a gel with nourishing ingredients such as water, castor or olive oil.

7 – Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Keep your hair shaft moisturized using leave in conditioners on a weekly basis. In addition, oiling your scalp daily will promote it to produce natural oils and moisturize the new growth.

8 – Less Ponytails; More Letting the Hair Free

Lay off the ponytails because that can really harm your hair edges. Tight ponytails will pull the hair from the scalp which will cause receding hairlines, and edges.

9 – Sleep with Satin

Satin lined items such as caps, scrunchies, pillowcases and sheets will be your hair’s best friend. They will retain the moisture in your extensions, real hair, as well as preserve your edges.

After the Extensions

10 – Know When It’s Time to Uninstall the Weave

Keeping your extensions installed for 6 weeks is too long. After 4 weeks it is time to let them go. Your hair needs time to be cleansed, and remoisturized. In addition, it needs to be free from weave/wig cap.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

Are you looking for a permanent solution to edge loss? Dr. John Frank is an expert in helping black women restore their own natural-looking edges regardless of their current condition. Schedule a free online or in-person consultation, or learn more at the doctor’s website.

Preventing Hair loss, the Natural Way

Preventing Hair loss, the Natural Way

Hair loss can be terrifying, one minute you have a full body of hair then the next thing you know it you’ve lost a great amount of hair from your beautiful mane.

Hair loss can be due for one of many reasons, whether it’s from stress, genetics, too much tension on ones scalp, medication, etc.

Not to worry, sometimes it can be solved through healthy eating. Here are 7 foods that can be used to promote hair growth.

Preventing Hair loss, the Natural Way


This is a great food to consume if you are experiencing hair loss. Spinach is packed with iron, protein and vitamins A and C; potassium, omega 3 acids, magnesium and calcium. This is especially good for women as in most cases hair loss is due to iron deficiency.

This green leafy vegetable also contains sebum which is good for the overall health of your hair. All these nutrients combined add shine and lustre to your hair preventing hair loss.


Oatmeal is packed with polyunsaturated acids, iron, omega 3, fiber and zinc. This is also great as it has the ability to make your hair thick and healthy. Your everyday breakfast/ snack item is more than just tasty.


This tropical fruit is backed with nearly 5 times more vitamin c than oranges. Vitamin c strengthens hair thereby preventing it from becoming brittle and breaking. This also promotes hair growth. Fruits are indeed your friend.


Eggs contain biotin which is a great vitamin as it is known to promote hair and nail growth. Insufficient amounts of this vitamin can lead to hair loss and as such it’s only beneficial that you consume eggs on a regular basis.

Eggs also contain vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega 6 fatty acids which are great for your overall health. For those who are vegans or vegetarians, biotin tablets can be taken instead.


This is a superfood as it is packed with vitamin E, copper and iron. Vitamin E is great for thinning hair and copper and iron help with the production of red blood cells which can strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.


Not only are these great for your eyesight, carrots contain vitamin A which is a natural hair conditioner and prevents hair from breaking off. You can pair this with sweet potato for a greater amount of vitamin A.

Not only will your hair love this but it will thank you in return by staying intact.


These are also packed with hair vitamins that will strengthen the hair cuticles as well as nourish the scalp.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

Having a balanced diet that is packed with vitamins and a good amount of protein can be your first step in combating your hair loss issues.

Are you looking for a permanent solution to edge loss? Dr. John Frank is an expert in helping black women restore their own natural-looking edges regardless of their current condition. Schedule a free online or in-person consultation, or learn more at the doctor’s website.

How Can I Get My Edges To Grow Back

How Can I Get My Edges To Grow Back

What people normally see first is your hair, your edges. Many women struggle with hair loss around their edges or thin edges. Lack of edges has caused insecurity in a lot of females because they don’t like how they look. Then, they research ways to grow their edges back. That’s why we’re here. We know you want thick edges so that your look more presentable as well as your hair can be ‘laid for the Gods’.

Get My Edges To Grow Back
Here are some tips on how to grow your edges back:

Hair Restoration Implants

Hair Implants methods such as micro, slit and punch grafting can help you grow your edges back. This is where the surgeons cut your scalp into small segments and place the varying amounts of hair in each graft. You would only be recommended to do this if hair loss runs in your family or you received a major or minor injury to your edges

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight ponytails, buns, braids and cornrows will pull on your hairline and cause hair loss. Therefore, avoid doing these hairstyles, or do them loosely so that your hairline will not be affected.

Be Conscious Of Chemical & Thermal Processes

Chemical processing such as bleaching, lightening, and relaxers that are placed along the hairline will cause damage. They will weaken the hair at that sensitive area thus causing hair loss or thinning. As well as, straightening your hair with heat.

Flat irons can cause damage if it’s left near to your edges too long because the heat will burn it. Choose to avoid these processes or be wary of their effects.

Eat Healthy & Exercise

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin d, and vitamin b12 will help to regenerate hair loss as well as thinning strands. Eat a diet full of green leafy vegetables, protein and nuts. This will give your hair enough nutrients to boost the hair growth process.

Also, exercise throughout the week. Exercise will keep the body active, and contributes to hormonal balance. Thus, your hair will produce more of the hormone it needs for hair growth.

Consider Using Medication

Rogaine is an over the counter topical medication which contains minoxidil. This ingredient increases blood flow of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles thus promoting growth. It won’t restore all your hair loss but it will help to regrow a bit. To take advantage of its effectiveness massage it into your scalp twice per day.

Use Healthy Hair Products

Use products that are free of chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, mineral and petroleum oil. When 100% natural or organic products are being absorbed by our scalp this will reduce breakage and shedding. Also, nutrients are vitamins from the products are being deposited on our scalp and promoting growth.

Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp promotes blood circulation to your scalp which stimulates hair growth. Hence, we should massage our scalp every night and when we shampoo our hair ensuring that we are moving our finger tips slowly

Help with Hair Edge Loss

Are you looking for a permanent solution to edge loss? Dr. John Frank is an expert in helping black women restore their own natural-looking edges regardless of their current condition. Schedule a free online or in-person consultation, or learn more at the doctor’s website.

Best Summer Styles for Natural Black Hair

Best Summer Styles for Natural Black Hair

It is now summer so the time is extremely hot. The heat has contributed to extra frizzy braid outs, twist outs and even wash & gos which decreases how long our style will last. There are still styles that you can do to combat the sun, humidity and shrinkage for this season. You can wear low manipulation, high maintenance and protective styles.

Here are some safe edges styles that you can rock this summer straight from a natural hair stylist:

Braided Bun

You may want to do a bun however it may look ‘boring’. So, braid it up! You will be looking chic. For this style, you would have to braid the front section of your hair all the way back in different designs whether triangles or squares. You can add some hair cuffs to each braid to spice up the look. Then, you take all the hair into a ponytail and form your bun. This style dismantles the view that a bun is boring. And, keeps your hair of your face, neck and back for summer.

Summer Styles for Natural Black Hair

Head Wrap

Wrap your hair up! Wraps are trending in the natural hair community because it takes no effort to wrap the hair. This is a great hairstyle for the summer. You would wrap your hair up on top of your hair so that it doesn’t touch your body. Then, sleek it down with some edge gel and go. Ensure to use a satin wrap because the cotton will trap the heat from the sun then transfer it to your hair.


This is every natural’s easiest hairstyle go to hairstyle. It requires minimal effort and can be worn for every season. For this hairstyle, you would need to pull your mane into a puff at the top of your head using a shoelace, stocking or satin scrunchie. Don’t forget to not tie the hair back too tight to not pull on the edges in a way that it damages them. You can sleek down your baby hair with edge gel, tie down your edges to set the style then voila!

Space Buns

This trendy hairstyle is super cute and easy to do. You would split your hair into halves ensuring that the part is even. Then make a ponytail with each half and form your buns. If your buns are small you can add clip in to make them bigger. Don’t forget to sleek down those baby hairs. In the end, you will be looking cute for the summer time without having to manage the excess heat that your hair will cause.

These styles are easy and simple to do for this season. Also, they will stand up to the summer’s wrath.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

Are you looking for a permanent solution to edge loss? Dr. John Frank is an expert in helping black women restore their own natural-looking edges regardless of their current condition. Schedule a free online or in-person consultation, or learn more at the doctor’s website.

101 on Hair Edges Restoration Procedure

101 on Hair Edges Restoration Procedure

With certain types of hair loss, when the follicle has been damaged or destroyed the only method available to increase hair density in the affected area is surgery. This is due to the fact that the body can not reproduce the hair follicle; you are born with the final amount similar to nerves. So once there is damage it can be irreversible.

Hair transplants have become more sophisticated with improved methodology and hair retention rates. For Afro textured hair finding an experienced practitioner can still be quite difficult to ensure the procedure is done with utmost care.

There are certain factors, which make Afro hair more complicated to transplant

1. Texture – As the hair is curly (even under the skin) this makes the actual relocation difficult, as it is harder to then determine accurately the direction and fall of the final hair placement.
2. Scarring and Hyper Pigmentation – Dark skins react more severely to skin trauma, which can leave unsightly scars and large bumps, called keloids.

Hair Edges Restoration Procedures

Types of Hair Transplants

There are 2 main methods of hair transplantation which can be used FUT or FUE, both follow the same basic methodology however FUT is much more precise on afro textured hair, while FUE is sometimes preferred since it is less invasive. As mentioned, with black hair texture which is usually extremely curly and thick, FUT procedure will allow for better results.

All treatments will start with an initial consultation to see if surgery is a viable option. There must be sufficient healthy hair at the back of the scalp to be transplanted and expectations will be discussed. The surgery itself is very straightforward with limited downtime afterwards.

With the FUT method, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area and an incision is made to remove a thin vertical strip of skin containing all the hairs to be transplanted. The area is then sutured to minimize scarring and the hairs from the strip are harvested ready to be implanted into the frontal recession areas.

FUE is less invasive as individual follicles from the donor site are harvested using a special tool called a punch. However, this method is not always as effective as the FUT is.

Whichever approach you decide to take, an experience and skilled surgeon is essential for success.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

Are you looking for a permanent solution to edge loss? Dr. John Frank is an expert in helping black women restore their own natural-looking edges regardless of their current condition. Schedule a free online or in-person consultation, or learn more at the doctor’s website.

How to Properly Care for Your 4c Hair this Summer

How to Properly Care for Your 4c Hair this Summer

Summer temperatures and the increased humidity create disasters for any type of hair. One type of curly hair is the thick coils, known as 4C hair and the summer weather increases the need for serious hair care. Without the right protection, the sun’s heat dries 4C hair increasing the tendency to tangle and break.

Curly coils are more susceptible to dryness; the best solution is more moisture. One tip is to carry a spray bottle and freshen up your curls, as you need it. During the summer, think about relaxed styles instead of the tight braids or buns that pull your hair away from the scalp, leaving you with thinning edges.

We all have an image of beautiful hair. By keeping your hair moisturized, you can actually add length to your curls. Using the right hair product is the first step. How do you choose good hair products? The right product helps your curly hair look great with natural movement.

4C Hair Care Routines

Summer heat is notorious for triggering frizzy curls. Moisture is essential since 4C hair curls are tight and prevent our natural scalp oils from getting to the hair stand. Along with hair products, curly coils need a good cut to the ends. Your hair will look healthier.

  1. Regular trims keep your hair shaped.
  2. Scheduled hair care keeps your curls loose and long.

The lack of moisture is the biggest reason hair breaks and tangles. Without enough moisture, curly coils clump together and pulling at them only causes the hair to break. There are other causes for curly hair breaking. Do you have sections with more hair breakage or thinning edges? Do you sleep on this side or are you pulling your hair tight in this area?

  • Healthy hair growth starts at the root.
  • Deep condition from your scalp to the hair strands.

Pool or Beach Time

If you take the plunge, be sure to wash your hair the same day. Get the salt water or chlorine out. Both cause dryness and damage, making hair brittle. If you have coloring on your hair- wear a swimming cap, otherwise the color may fade.

Know Your Curl

How you style your hair is the best protection for summer weather and outdoor activities. If you have short or long natural hair, condition it for easy styling. Your curls will work with you for a perfect twist out. Use less heat, air-drying is best, or a diffuser set at a low temperature.

  1. Get to know your curly hair- it has a mind of its own.
  2. Follow the natural patterns when you’re styling.
  3. Start slowly at the roots when untangling and have patience.

Help with Your 4C Hair Loss

Moisture gives your hair length and shine. Change your habits, loosed your tight hairstyles that pull and damage the hair follicles and watch your curly coils grow. Remember to take care of your scalp- this is where healthy hair growth starts. You can re-grow the receding hairlines or thinning edges caused by health conditions, poor hair care or tight hairstyles. It just takes time to bring it back.

If you start noticing any hair loss, you better tell the problem early enough to your doctor to avoid damaging the hair follicles. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit our website today.