A Board Certified Alopecia and Hair Follicle Surgeon’s Opinion on the Benefits of Going Natural

A Board Certified Alopecia and Hair Follicle Surgeon’s Opinion on the Benefits of Going Natural

A Board Certified Alopecia and Hair Follicle Surgeon’s Opinion on the Benefits of Going NaturalThe quest for beautiful hair is a 9 billion dollar industry. Hair companies understand the female pursuit for fabulous hair. They specifically market and target to women, particularly black women, preying on their hair insecurities and vulnerabilities. As a hair loss surgeon, with a specialty in restoring afro-textured hair and edges for African Americans, I have seen firsthand the damage that is done from years of women using hair relaxers, wearing hair extensions and wigs.

Black Women with Hair Loss

Despite the harmful effect hair straightening and the consequence of alopecia (hair loss), what I hear in my practice are the stories women tell me about why it is so hard to stop using these damaging products. They tell me how they have been conditioned to believe beauty is having long, straight hair.

I then explain to these women how their pursuit has led them to of two very common types of hair loss:

Traction Alopecia, which can be a result of braiding and wearing extensions for long periods of time, causing the hairline be pushed back or disappear.

Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA), often referred to as a scarring alopecia, is the result of associated with hot comb use and causes balding starts that starts at the top or crown of the head and spreads outward.

For most of the women I see, it becomes a vicious cycle of using the relaxers, extensions, weaves and wigs to look beautiful and then later to hide their hair loss.

Afro-Textured Hair Loss Solutions

It is only when a woman is tired of the damage that has been done to her real hair from a lifetime of pulling, straightening, processing, and hair loss that she comes to see me for alopecia treatments. Discovering the cause of the loss and an accurate diagnosis is the first step. Stopping the use of relaxers, hot comb and tight braiding is the next step. Some African American women with hair loss will respond from hair regrowth treatments like medication and surgical hair restoration. For black women with balding batches, surgical treatment may be the only option.

Making the Decision to Go Natural

As a medical professional, I recognize that for some of my African American clients, it has been an emotional and psychological roller-coaster to go natural, especially when the reason is due to alopecia. I admire my patient’s courage to stop the hair manipulation and take the brave steps to go natural. For most, it has been a big change to take this path.

Deciding to go natural can help restore the damage done by years of straighteners, weaves, and wigs use. It helps to reduce further hair loss, breakage, and helps preserve the remaining hair (or new hair growth) you do have.

Restoring Edges For Black Women

I want to encourage you to find out more about the treatment options currently available for restoring edges for black women as well as other African-American hair loss treatments specifically designed for Afro-textured hair.

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