Preventing Hair loss, the Natural Way

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Healthy Sexy Hair

Hair loss can be terrifying, one minute you have a full body of hair then the next thing you know it you’ve lost a great amount of hair from your beautiful mane.

Hair loss can be due for one of many reasons, whether it’s from stress, genetics, too much tension on ones scalp, medication, etc.

Not to worry, sometimes it can be solved through healthy eating. Here are 7 foods that can be used to promote hair growth.

Preventing Hair loss, the Natural Way


This is a great food to consume if you are experiencing hair loss. Spinach is packed with iron, protein and vitamins A and C; potassium, omega 3 acids, magnesium and calcium. This is especially good for women as in most cases hair loss is due to iron deficiency.

This green leafy vegetable also contains sebum which is good for the overall health of your hair. All these nutrients combined add shine and lustre to your hair preventing hair loss.


Oatmeal is packed with polyunsaturated acids, iron, omega 3, fiber and zinc. This is also great as it has the ability to make your hair thick and healthy. Your everyday breakfast/ snack item is more than just tasty.


This tropical fruit is backed with nearly 5 times more vitamin c than oranges. Vitamin c strengthens hair thereby preventing it from becoming brittle and breaking. This also promotes hair growth. Fruits are indeed your friend.


Eggs contain biotin which is a great vitamin as it is known to promote hair and nail growth. Insufficient amounts of this vitamin can lead to hair loss and as such it’s only beneficial that you consume eggs on a regular basis.

Eggs also contain vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega 6 fatty acids which are great for your overall health. For those who are vegans or vegetarians, biotin tablets can be taken instead.


This is a superfood as it is packed with vitamin E, copper and iron. Vitamin E is great for thinning hair and copper and iron help with the production of red blood cells which can strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.


Not only are these great for your eyesight, carrots contain vitamin A which is a natural hair conditioner and prevents hair from breaking off. You can pair this with sweet potato for a greater amount of vitamin A.

Not only will your hair love this but it will thank you in return by staying intact.


These are also packed with hair vitamins that will strengthen the hair cuticles as well as nourish the scalp.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

Having a balanced diet that is packed with vitamins and a good amount of protein can be your first step in combating your hair loss issues.

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