Protecting Your Hair While Wearing Extensions

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Healthy Sexy Hair

We know many of you love to wear extensions. They allow you to express yourself with a new hairstyle, color and even a different a style. However, we also know wearing them might damage your hair? In today’s post, I will be sharing with you how to protect your hair while wearing extensions. Specifically, issues include dry hair, dry scalp, reducing hairline, and fading edges.

Here’s a simple step by step routine to preserve your hair:

Before the Extensions

1 – Wash Your Hair

You want to cleanse your scalp with a cleanser, or sulfate free shampoo. These will remove the dirt, and debris from your scalp, while sustaining the natural oils. In addition, it allows for a clean slate for when you install your extensions. Then, follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair tangle free and moisturized.

hair while wearing extensions

2 – Dry Your Hair

Ensure that your hair is 100% dry before you install your extensions because it is fragile while it is wet. In addition, if the extensions are installed when your hair is wet, your hair doesn’t have enough air to fully dry.

3 – Moisturize Your Hair

Moisturize your hair before you install your weave using a leave-in conditioner. Keeping your hair moisturized will reduce breakage, split ends and single strand knots. Thus, allowing your hair to thrive while it’s underneath the wig cap.

4 – Using High-Quality Hair

Ensure that you use high quality textured extensions. These aren’t necessarily expensive. Affordable extensions are of a good quality as well. If the extensions are of a high quality, then it was created using quality ingredients that will not wreak havoc on your hair.

5 – Use A Weave Cap

Use a weave cap when installing your hair extensions. So, the extensions are sewn into the scalp as opposed to your hair which prevents the harboring of growth.

During the Extensions

6 – Use High Quality Edge Control

When you wear extensions you have to ensure that your edges are “laid/slicked”, as everyone who says that. Using gels that consist of mostly alcohol will remove the moisture from your edges. Ensure that you use a gel with nourishing ingredients such as water, castor or olive oil.

7 – Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Keep your hair shaft moisturized using leave in conditioners on a weekly basis. In addition, oiling your scalp daily will promote it to produce natural oils and moisturize the new growth.

8 – Less Ponytails; More Letting the Hair Free

Lay off the ponytails because that can really harm your hair edges. Tight ponytails will pull the hair from the scalp which will cause receding hairlines, and edges.

9 – Sleep with Satin

Satin lined items such as caps, scrunchies, pillowcases and sheets will be your hair’s best friend. They will retain the moisture in your extensions, real hair, as well as preserve your edges.

After the Extensions

10 – Know When It’s Time to Uninstall the Weave

Keeping your extensions installed for 6 weeks is too long. After 4 weeks it is time to let them go. Your hair needs time to be cleansed, and remoisturized. In addition, it needs to be free from weave/wig cap.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

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