Top 8 Hair Care Secrets Revealed

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Know Your Hair Type

Ever wonder how come celebrities’ hair look so flawless? Do you want long, luscious, thick and health hair? Do you think you know everything about hair? Think again!

Here are the 8 Top Hair Care Secrets Revealed

1 – Air Dry Your Hair

To avoid crunchy curly hair feel and look, apply mousse or foam to your hair to your soaked wet hair. Then, let it air dry. The less you touch your hair when it is wet, the less chance it has of becoming frizzy.

Top Hair Care Secrets Revealed

2 – Deep Condition Every Week

Your hair needs moisture. Moisture is what keeps our hair moisturized, manageable, and maintains our elasticity. Hence, we need to deep condition every week for 30 minutes to 1-hour with heat by using a plastic bag or steamer.

3 – Fake It

If you don’t want to commit to a new hair style such as bangs, colors, pixie cuts, etc then fake it. Wear a synthetic wig or wear clips ins to resemble the cut you like or the color you want to have. This allows you to sport the new hairstyle to see if it fits you.

4 – Wash Your Hair With Filtered Water

Your hair naturally flourishes in filtered water. The water is free from chemicals thus can penetrate the hair shaft better. Also, the hair shaft and scalp isn’t being covered in chemicals that will impair its health.

5 – Use A Dryer Sheet

Experiencing Static? On rare occasions our hair will be experiencing static. In order to get shift of it, swipe your hair with a dryer sheet and it’s all gone.

6 – Use Black Soap To Cleanse Your Hair

This is a traditional soap used in West African that is made from Shea butter, and plant ash. It helps with scalp disorders, it’s gentle on the scalp, and cleanses the hair of all dirt and debris.

7 – Spray Your Bobby Pins with Hairspray

Sometimes you use your bobby pins in your hair and then don’t stay. So, spray the pin, and the area where the pin is placed with the hairspray so that it stays in place all day.

8 – Wear A Pony Tail

When all your hairstyles fail, wear a ponytail. It is a classic and chic hairstyle that goes well with any outfit. And if you don’t have enough hair, fake it with a drawstring ponytail. You will be able to achieve the length you want and still look presentable.

Start using these Hair Secrets for flawless hair today

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