The Best Kept Secrets About Hair Loss

by | Sep 20, 2017 | The 411 on Hair Loss

As we get older some of us may experience hair loss. Hair Loss is a frustrating and stressful period of our lives. But it may seem like the celebrities that we love and don’t experience hair loss, however they do! So how do they mask it? Or, Asians always have thick, long and luscious hair – how?

Here a few best kept secrets about Hair Loss. These secrets will help you to mask your thin edges or grow your edges fast.

Secrets About Hair Loss

Wear Extensions

Some celebrities just mask their hair loss or thin edges with ‘extensions’. Extensions, and wigs allows our hair to look fuller as well as like a new person. So, the next time you’re feeling insecure about your hair loss, wear a wig or put in hair extensions.

Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants are surgeries where you scalp is cut, and the ‘new’ hair is placed within it to give it a natural look. It can be done by various methods such as such as micro, slit and punch grafting. There is a certain criteria for being approved for the surgery because of the various side-effects.

Hair Replacement Supplements

Taking these supplements prescribed or over the counter have proved to be successful for some. It may just work for you! Supplements high in biotin or vitamin D will improve the growth phase of your hair cycle.

Trim it Off

Bruce Willis had suffered from thinning hair and a receding hairline. Then, he decided to shave his head and go bald. This helped him achieve much more roles in movies. Therefore, maybe shaving off your hair will give you a fresh start. It will allow you to start over and start the hair growth process again.

Asian Countries Secrets

In Asian countries such as Japan, China and India the females use an oil that contributes to their lack of hair loss. In Japan and China, they use the Camellia oil for their hair. The Oil is called Tsubaki in Japan and tea seed oil in China. The pill is knock as a health hair growth promoter as well as a scalp conditioner. In India, the ladies use Amla Oil. This antioxidant rich oil prevents thinning and hair loss by promoting hair growth.

Jamaican Secrets

In Jamaica the Jamaican Black Castor and Cactus Oil are used religiously. The oils are used to oil the scalp, hair, or added to the shampoos and conditioners. The oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that encourage blood flow to the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Biotin Pills

Biotin is like hair food for our hair. It is a B-vitamin that provides the hair follicles with nutrients and vitamins to promote hair growth. A daily intake of 3000MCG of Biotin in recommended by doctors.

Help with Hair Edge Loss

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The secrets are finally revealed to you. There are many ways to prevent, and reduce hair loss as well as promote growth. Stay tuned for more hair loss content!